headshot of Andrew Pericak

Andrew Pericak is a geographer, policy analyst, spatial analyst, and cartographer currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. He specializes in analyzing and assessing environmental policies through a geospatial lens. 

Andrew is currently a GIS Analyst for the Tennessee Department of Transportation, where he serves as an internal GIS consultant and expert for the agency’s location technology users statewide. He previously was a Research Analyst for Duke University’s Initiative for Science & Society, where he served as Managing Editor for SciPol.org [Internet Archive link] and helped develop the Digital Intelligence course on technology ethics.

Andrew holds a Master of Environmental Management degree and Certificate in Geospatial Analysis from Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment. In 2018, he led a team from Duke, SkyTruth, and Appalachian Voices in mapping the yearly extent of mountaintop mining in Appalachia from 1985 – 2015; the resulting open-source paper and data are available for free on PLOS ONE. View more of Andrew’s geospatial and policy work at the Portfolio.

In addition to environmental policy and GIS, Andrew plays French horn for various symphonic orchestras, speedruns the daily New York Times Crossword, fortnightly bakes buttermilk biscuits, and variously nerds out about electric vehicles, Star Wars, local weather, and music theory.

Andrew is eager to collaborate. Send him a short message below to begin the conversation.